How to Create a Dessert Table for Your Wedding

Dessert tables are becoming more and more popular at weddings of every budget.   Creating a dessert buffet table for your wedding reception requires more than simply placing confections on a table.   To have maximum style and appeal, your dessert table should be well thought out.   Here are some ideas to inspire you to create a bountiful display:

Dessert Table Ideas
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  1. Choose beautiful table linens and interesting containers for an impressive display.   I absolutely love apothecary jars on dessert tables.   Select jars, cake stands, and other containers of varying heights for visual interest.

  2. Provide small “goodie” bags so that wedding guests can take treats home.

  3. Ensure that the appropriate serving utensils are in place for easy access to treats:   tongs, scoops, spatula, etc.

  4. Coordinate the dessert table with the style and color theme of other wedding décor.

  5. Arrange plates, forks, spoons, and napkins at one end of the table and place the desserts on the table in the order of your choice.

  6. Scatter flower petals around serving dishes for an elegant touch.   The petals can also act as a filler for sparse areas on the table.

    Dessert Table Ideas
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  7. Add a personal touch with personalized labels or tags on goodie bags.   Chocolate bars with personalized wrappers in your wedding colors will also make an impressive presentation.

  8. By having a dessert table, you won’t need as large a wedding cake.   Also, many people don't like wedding cake and will appreciate an assortment of dessert items to choose from.   Ask your cake baker about providing desserts in addition to the wedding cake.   You may be able to obtain a discount for ordering multiple items.   If your budget is limited, ask culinary-skilled friends and family to present a favorite dessert.

  9. Dessert tables keep guests entertained as they generally mingle while selecting goodies from the table.

  10. Depending on your budget and wedding theme, here are some treats to consider:   petit fours, mini cheesecakes, fruit tarts, macaroons, pralines, mini pastries, cookies, cupcakes, candies, fresh fruit, truffles, jelly beans, taffy, caramel popcorn.

    Dessert Table Ideas
    David Monn
    Dessert Table Candy

  11. One of my favorite additions to a dessert table is a chocolate fountain.   Arrange dipping items (marshmallows, fruit, pretzels, cookies, graham crackers, etc.) and skewers on the table near the fountain.

  12. You may also choose to offer treats that are appropriate for the season in which you marry. Example: candy corn, taffy apples for a fall wedding.

  13. If your wedding will be culturally themed, offer a variety of desserts which represent your heritage.   You could also choose desserts based around a geographical theme:   Paris, Hawaii, etc.

  14. Remember that there is no hard and fast rule regarding the type of sweets that will grace your dessert table.   Your table should represent you so be as creative and whimsical as you like.
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